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Thank you for visiting Blatnik Law, LLC's website.  In order to assist potential clients with legal information (NOT legal advice) regarding various matters, Blatnik Law, LLC prepared various videos to provide brief information.  


The 30 Seconds or Less series of videos provides short nuggets of information, easily digested and understood but only provides a cursory explanations.  Information such as definitions of affirmative defenses, who is a plaintiff, who is a respondent, elements of a tort, and differences between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy are covered.   Please click HERE for the 30 Seconds or Less Videos.

The Informative Video series includes lengthier videos (greater than 30 seconds but less than 5 minutes) that discuss various legal concepts or respond to viewer requests.  Please click HERE for the Informative Video Series.  

If you would like to see a video on a subject not yet covered, please  make a comment on Blatnik Law, LLC's Facebook Page, Blatnik Law, LLC's Youtube Channel, email the request to [email protected], or call (702) 996-1123.  As with all things in law and life (except death and taxes) no guarantees are provided as to Blatnik Law's response to your request, but thus far, Blatnik Law has made responsive videos to all requests within 48 hours.  

Links to External Websites

Unfortunately, many people find themselves in need of legal assistance while lacking sufficient funds to hire and or retain legal counsel.  In order to assist those who are unable to retain legal counsel, Blatnik Law, LLC provides various website links for legal aid and self help centers in some of the jurisdictions in which attorney Blatnik is licensed to practice law.  Please check out the links below in order to assist you in your search for free and or low cost legal assistance.